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      n   pl   , stigmas  
     (for sense 7)   , stigmata  
1    a distinguishing mark of social disgrace  
the stigma of having been in prison     
2    a small scar or mark such as a birthmark  
3      (Pathol)  
a    any mark on the skin, such as one characteristic of a specific disease  
b    any sign of a mental deficiency or emotional upset  
4      (Botany)   the terminal part of the ovary, at the end of the style, where deposited pollen enters the gynoecium  
5      (Zoology)  
a    a pigmented eyespot in some protozoans and other invertebrates  
b    the spiracle of an insect  
6    Archaic   a mark branded on the skin  
7    pl     (Christianity)   marks resembling the wounds of the crucified Christ, believed to appear on the bodies of certain individuals  
     (C16: via Latin from Greek: brand, from stizein to tattoo)  
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blot, brand, disgrace, dishonour, imputation, mark, reproach, shame, slur, smirch, spot, stain  

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