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      vb   , stings, stinging, stung  
1    (of certain animals and plants) to inflict a wound on (an organism) by the injection of poison  
2    to feel or cause to feel a sharp mental or physical pain  
3    tr   to goad or incite (esp. in the phrase sting into action)  
4    tr  
Informal   to cheat, esp. by overcharging  
5    a skin wound caused by the poison injected by certain insects or plants  
6    pain caused by or as if by the sting of a plant or animal  
7    a mental pain or pang  
a sting of conscience     
8    a sharp pointed organ, such as the ovipositor of a wasp, by which poison can be injected into the prey  
9    the ability to sting  
a sharp sting in his criticism     
10    something as painful or swift of action as a sting  
the sting of death     
11    a sharp stimulus or incitement  
12      (Botany)      another name for       stinging hair  
13    Slang   a swindle or fraud  
14    Slang   a trap set up by the police to entice a person to commit a crime and thereby produce evidence  
15    sting in the tail   an unexpected and unpleasant ending  
     (Old English stingan; related to Old Norse stinga to pierce, Gothic usstangan to pluck out, Greek stakhus ear of corn)  
  stinging      adj  
  stingingly      adv  
  stingingness      n  
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1    burn, hurt, pain, smart, tingle, wound  
2    anger, gall, incense, inflame, infuriate, nettle, pique, provoke, rile  
3      (informal)   cheat, defraud, do     (slang)   fleece, overcharge, rip off     (slang)   skin     (slang)   stiff     (slang)   swindle, take for a ride     (informal)  

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