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      adj   , -gier, -giest  
1    unwilling to spend or give  
2    insufficient or scanty  
     (C17 (perhaps in the sense: ill-tempered): perhaps from stinge, dialect variant of sting)  
  stingily      adv  
  stinginess      n  
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stingy          [2]  
      adj   , stingier, stingiest  
1    Informal   stinging or capable of stinging  
      n   pl   , stingies  
2      (South Wales)  
dialect   a stinging nettle  
I put my hand on a stingy     

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1    avaricious, cheeseparing, close-fisted, covetous, illiberal, mean, mingy     (Brit. informal)   miserly, near, niggardly, parsimonious, penny-pinching     (informal)   penurious, scrimping, snoep     (S. African informal)   tight-arse     (taboo slang)   tight-arsed     (taboo slang)   tight as a duck's arse     (taboo slang)   tight-ass     (U.S. taboo slang)   tight-assed     (U.S. taboo slang)   tightfisted, ungenerous  
2    inadequate, insufficient, meagre, measly     (informal)   mouldy     (informal)   on the small side, pathetic, scant, scanty, skimpy, small  

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