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      vb   , stirs, stirring, stirred  
1    to move an implement such as a spoon around in (a liquid) so as to mix up the constituents  
she stirred the porridge     
2    to change or cause to change position; disturb or be disturbed  
he stirred in his sleep     
3    intr; often foll by: from   to venture or depart (from one's usual or preferred place)  
he won't stir from the fireside     
4    intr   to be active after a rest; be up and about  
5    tr   to excite or stimulate, esp. emotionally  
6    to move (oneself) briskly or vigorously; exert (oneself)  
7    tr   to rouse or awaken  
to stir someone from sleep, to stir memories     
8    Informal   when tr, foll by: up   to cause or incite others to cause (trouble, arguments, etc.)  
9    stir one's stumps  
Informal   to move or become active  
10    the act or an instance of stirring or the state of being stirred  
11    a strong reaction, esp. of excitement  
his publication caused a stir     
12    a slight movement  
13      (N.Z.)  
informal   a noisy party,   (See also)        stir up  
     (Old English styrian; related to Middle High German stürn to poke, stir, Norwegian styrja to cause a commotion; see storm, sturgeon)  
  stirrable      adj  
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