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1    a backless seat or footrest consisting of a small flat piece of wood, etc., resting on three or four legs, a pedestal, etc.  
2    a rootstock or base of a plant from which shoots, etc., are produced  
3    a cluster of shoots growing from such a base  
4      (Chiefly U.S.)   a decoy used in hunting  
5    waste matter evacuated from the bowels  
6    a lavatory seat  
7    (in W Africa, esp. Ghana) a chief's throne  
8    fall between two stools  
a    to fail through vacillation between two alternatives  
b    to be in an unsatisfactory situation through not belonging to either of two categories or groups  
      vb   intr  
9    (of a plant) to send up shoots from the base of the stem, rootstock, etc.  
10    to lure wildfowl with a decoy  
     (Old English stol; related to Old Norse stoll, Gothic stols, Old High German stuol chair, Greek stulos pillar)  

      n   a wooden stool containing a covered chamber pot  
cucking stool  
      n     (History)   a stool to which suspected witches, scolds, etc., were tied and pelted or ducked into water as a punishment  
   Compare       ducking stool  
     (C13 cucking stol, literally: defecating chair, from cukken to defecate; compare Old Norse kúkr excrement)  
cutty stool  
      n   (formerly in Scotland) the church seat on which an unchaste person sat while being harangued by the minister  
ducking stool  
      n     (History)   a chair or stool used for the punishment of offenders by plunging them into water  
milking stool  
      n   a low three-legged stool  
piano stool  
      n   a stool on which a pianist sits when playing a piano, esp. one whose height is adjustable  
stool ball  
      n   a game resembling cricket, still played by girls and women in Sussex, England  
stool pigeon  
1    a living or dummy pigeon used to decoy others  
2    an informer for the police; nark  
3      (U.S.)  
slang   a person acting as a decoy  
Diccionario de inglés definición  
be caught between two stools id.
find it difficult to choose between two alternatives ; feel torn between two situations
Rosalie loved Cesar and David both equally, for different reasons, and was caught between two stools

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