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      vb   mainly intr  
1    also tr   to bend (the body or the top half of the body) forward and downward  
2    to carry oneself with head and shoulders habitually bent forward  
3    often foll by: to   to abase or degrade oneself  
4    often foll by: to   to condescend; deign  
5    (of a bird of prey) to swoop down  
6    Archaic   to give in  
7    the act, position, or characteristic of stooping  
8    a lowering from a position of dignity or superiority  
9    a downward swoop, esp. of a bird of prey  
     (Old English stupan; related to Middle Dutch stupen to bow, Old Norse stupa, Norwegian stupa to fall; see steep1)  
  stooper      n  
  stooping      adj  
  stoopingly      adv  
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