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stop down


      vb   adv   to reduce the size of the aperture of (a camera lens)  
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      vb   , stops, stopping, stopped  
1    to cease from doing or being (something); discontinue  
stop talking     
2    to cause (something moving) to halt or (of something moving) to come to a halt  
to stop a car, the car stopped     
3    tr   to prevent the continuance or completion of  
to stop a show     
4    tr; often foll by: from   to prevent or restrain  
to stop George from fighting     
5    tr   to keep back  
to stop supplies to the navy     
6    tr   to intercept or hinder in transit  
to stop a letter     
7    tr; often foll by: up   to block or plug, esp. so as to close  
to stop up a pipe     
8    tr; often foll by: up   to fill a hole or opening in  
to stop up a wall     
9    tr   to staunch or stem  
to stop a wound     
10    tr   to instruct a bank not to honour (a cheque)  
11    tr   to deduct (money) from pay  
12    tr     (Brit)   to provide with punctuation  
13    tr     (Boxing)   to beat (an opponent) either by a knockout or a technical knockout  
14    tr  
Informal   to receive (a blow, hit, etc.)  
15    intr   to stay or rest  
we stopped at the Robinsons' for three nights     
16    tr  
Rare   to defeat, beat, or kill  
17    tr     (Music)  
a    to alter the vibrating length of (a string on a violin, guitar, etc.) by pressing down on it at some point with the finger  
b    to alter the vibrating length of an air column in a wind instrument by closing (a finger hole, etc.)  
c    to produce (a note) in this manner  
18    tr   to place a hand inside (the bell of a French horn) to alter the tone colour and pitch or play (a note) on a French horn in such a manner  
19      (Bridge)   to have a protecting card or winner in (a suit in which one's opponents are strong)  
20    stop at nothing   to be prepared to do anything; be unscrupulous or ruthless  
21    an arrest of movement or progress  
22    the act of stopping or the state of being stopped  
23    a place where something halts or pauses  
a bus stop     
24    a stay in or as if in the course of a journey  
25    the act or an instance of blocking or obstructing  
26    a plug or stopper  
27    a block, screw, or other device or object that prevents, limits, or terminates the motion of a mechanism or moving part  
28      (Brit)   a punctuation mark, esp. a full stop  
29      (Also called)    stop thrust     (Fencing)   a counterthrust made without a parry in the hope that one's blade will touch before one's opponent's blade  
30       short for       stop payment       stop order  
31      (Music)  
a    the act of stopping the string, finger hole, etc., of an instrument  
b    a set of organ pipes or harpsichord strings that may be allowed to sound as a group by muffling or silencing all other such sets  
c    a knob, lever, or handle on an organ, etc., that is operated to allow sets of pipes to sound  
d    an analogous device on a harpsichord or other instrument with variable registers, such as an electrophonic instrument  
32    pull out all the stops  
a    to play at full volume  
b    to spare no effort  
33      (Austral)   a stud on a football boot  
34    the angle between the forehead and muzzle of a dog or cat, regarded as a point in breeding  
35      (Nautical)   a short length of line or small stuff used as a tie, esp. for a furled sail  
36      (Also called)    stop consonant     (Phonetics)   any of a class of consonants articulated by first making a complete closure at some point of the vocal tract and then releasing it abruptly with audible plosion. Stops include the labials (p, b), the alveolars or dentals (t, d), the velars (k, g)  
   Compare       continuant  
37      (Also called)    f-stop     (Photog)  
a    a setting of the aperture of a camera lens, calibrated to the corresponding f-number  
b       another name for       diaphragm       4  
38    a block or carving used to complete the end of a moulding  
39      (Also called)    stopper     (Bridge)   a protecting card or winner in a suit in which one's opponents are strong,   (See also)        stop down       stop off       stop out       stopover       stops  
     (C14: from Old English stoppian (unattested), as in forstoppian to plug the ear, ultimately from Late Latin stuppare to stop with a tow, from Latin stuppa tow, from Greek stuppe)  
  stoppable      adj  

bus stop  
      n   a place on a bus route, usually marked by a sign, at which buses stop for passengers to alight and board  
      n      the N.Z. name for       cattle-grid  
      vb   , -stops, -stopping, -stopped   to play (two notes or parts) simultaneously on a violin or related instrument by drawing the bow over two strings  
flue stop  
      n   an organ stop controlling a set of flue pipes  
      n   any of the settings for the f-number of a camera  
full stop   , full point  
      n   the punctuation mark (.) used at the end of a sentence that is not a question or exclamation, after abbreviations, etc.,   (Also called (esp. U.S. and Canadian))    period  
gamba stop  
      n   an organ stop with a tone resembling that of stringed instruments  
glottal stop  
      n   a plosive speech sound produced as the sudden onset of a vowel in several languages, such as German, by first tightly closing the glottis and then allowing the air pressure to build up in the trachea before opening the glottis, causing the air to escape with force  
mutation stop  
      n   an organ pipe sounding the harmonic of the note normally produced  
      adj   having or providing a range of related services or goods in one place  
a one-stop shop     
pit stop  
1      (Motor racing)   a brief stop made at a pit by a racing car for repairs, refuelling, etc.  
2    Informal   any stop made during a car journey for refreshment, rest, or refuelling  
reed stop  
      n   an organ stop controlling a rank of reed pipes  
request stop  
      n   a point on a route at which a bus will stop only if signalled to do so,   (U.S. equivalent)    flag stop  
rest stop  
      n      the U.S. name for       lay-by       1  
solo stop  
      n   any of various organ stops designed to imitate a solo performance on a particular musical instrument  
stop bath  
      n   a weakly acidic solution used in photographic processing to stop the action of a developer on a film, plate, or paper before the material is immersed in fixer  
stop chorus  
      n     (Jazz)   a solo during which the rhythm section plays only the first beat of each phrase of music  
stop down  
      vb   adv   to reduce the size of the aperture of (a camera lens)  
      adj     (Films)   of or relating to animated films involving models, puppets, etc., in which each frame is photographed individually  
stop-frame photography     
      adj     (Brit)   (of economic policy) characterized by deliberate alternate expansion and contraction of aggregate demand in an effort to curb inflation and eliminate balance of payments deficits, and yet maintain full employment  
      adj     (Business)   of or relating to an order to a broker in a commodity or security market to close an open position at a specified price in order to limit any loss  
stop off   , stop in   ,   (esp. U.S.)   stop by  
1    intr, adv; often foll by: at   to halt and call somewhere, as on a visit or errand, esp. en route to another place  
a    a break in a journey  
b    (as modifier)  
stopoff point     
stop order  
      n     (Stock Exchange)   an instruction to a broker to sell one or more shares when the price offered for them falls below a stipulated level,   (Also called)    stop-loss order  
stop out  
      vb   tr, adv   to cover (part of the area) of a piece of cloth, printing plate, etc., to prevent it from being dyed, etched, etc.  
stop payment  
      n   an instruction to a bank by the drawer of a cheque to refuse payment on it  
stop press  
      n     (Brit)  
1    news items inserted into a newspaper after the printing has been started  
2    the space regularly left blank for this  
stop thrust  
      n     (Fencing)      another name for       stop       29  
stop time  
      n     (Jazz)   a passage where the beat stops temporarily  
suction stop  
      n     (Phonetics)      another word for       click       3  
      n   a setting of the lens aperture on a camera calibrated photometrically and assigned a T-number  
whistle stop  
1      (U.S. and Canadian)  
a    a minor railway station where trains stop only on signal  
b    a small town having such a station  
a    a brief appearance in a town, esp. by a political candidate to make a speech, shake hands, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
a whistle-stop tour     
  whistle-stop   , -stops, -stopping, -stopped  
3    intr   to campaign for office by visiting many small towns to give short speeches  

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1    axe     (informal)   belay     (Nautical)   be over, break off, bring or come to a halt, bring or come to a standstill, call it a day     (informal)   cease, come to an end, conclude, cut out     (informal)   cut short, desist, discontinue, draw up, end, finish, halt, leave off, pack in     (Brit. informal)   pause, peter out, pull up, put an end to, quit, refrain, run down, run its course, shut down, stall, terminate  
2    arrest, bar, block, break, bung, check, close, forestall, frustrate, hinder, hold back, impede, intercept, interrupt, nip (something) in the bud, obstruct, plug, prevent, rein in, repress, restrain, seal, silence, staunch, stem, suspend  
3    break one's journey, lodge, put up, rest, sojourn, stay, tarry  
4    cessation, conclusion, discontinuation, end, finish, halt, standstill  
5    break, rest, sojourn, stay, stopover, visit  
6    bar, block, break, check, control, hindrance, impediment, plug, stoppage  
7    depot, destination, halt, stage, station, termination, terminus  
,       vb  
1 & 3    advance, begin, commence, continue, get going, get under way, give the go ahead, go, institute, keep going, keep on, kick off     (informal)   proceed, set in motion, set off, start  
2    assist, boost, encourage, expedite, facilitate, further, hasten, promote, push  
4    beginning, commencement, kick-off     (informal)   start  
6    boost, encouragement, incitement  

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to take OR bring somebody down a notch means to make them behave less arrogantly or proudly.
to take OR turn OR bring something down a notch means to decrease its intensity
put a stop to something
(in an organization) set up a more informal structure/workflow/environment; give up on communication protocols between departments
calm down!
relax, calm down
said to make someone temper his nerves or enthusiasm. E.g.: Chill out, I didn't take your car!
face a specific situation; act in a certain way
E.g.: John went out of rehab a few days ago and he is determined to not go down that road again.
metaphoric expression for getting married
be silent, stop talking etc
stop talking; refrain from saying something
Cyberextortion is online crime threatening to attack a person coupled with demand of illegal gains to stop the attack
[Leg.];[Tech.] online threat to gain illegal gains
1. to stop using an addictive substance abruptly and completely. 2. to undergo sudden and complete withdrawal from a habitual activity or behavior pattern. 3. to begin or do something without planning, preparation, or practice.
to decide to stop quarreling. enterrer la hache de guerre (in French)
I love reverso community.
stop employing someone ; end a romantic relationship with someone
Abbreviation for "eXamine Your Zipper". To let someone know the zipper on the front of his pants is down.
something that is top-down comes from the top of a hierarchy and is passed down to the lower ranking members
A moulding commonly used in framing oil paintings. The liner is fixed inside the frame and appears between the image and the outer frame. Generally made out of wood or some other hard material, the liner may have fabric glued down to it. Liners are to canvases what a mat/mount is to a print on paper
[Artwork framing] Polystyrene or wood liner. Fabric-covered liner. Linen liner. Gold liner.
to look for or expose information about a person's past, usually bad, and to therefore bring that person down or put them in a bad light
it's said for determining someone to calm down, be patient, control his/her reactions
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