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straight up


      sentence substitute     (Brit)  
slang   honestly; truly; exactly  
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1    direct, near, short, undeviating, unswerving  
2    aligned, erect, even, horizontal, in line, level, perpendicular, plumb, right, smooth, square, true, upright, vertical  
3    blunt, bold, candid, downright, forthright, frank, honest, outright, plain, point-blank, straightforward, unqualified, upfront     (informal)  
4    above board, accurate, authentic, decent, equitable, fair, fair and square, honest, honourable, just, law-abiding, reliable, respectable, trustworthy, upright  
5    arranged, in order, neat, orderly, organized, put to rights, shipshape, sorted out, tidy  
6    consecutive, continuous, nonstop, running, solid, successive, sustained, through, uninterrupted, unrelieved  
7      (slang)   bourgeois, conservative, conventional, orthodox, Pooterish, square     (informal)   traditional  
8    neat, pure, unadulterated, undiluted, unmixed  
9    as the crow flies, at once, directly, immediately, instantly  
10    candidly, frankly, honestly, in plain English, point-blank, pulling no punches     (informal)   with no holds barred  
,       adj  
1    circuitous, indirect, roundabout, winding, zigzag  
2    askew, bent, crooked, curved, skewwhiff     (Brit. informal)   twisted, uneven  
3    ambiguous, cryptic, equivocal, evasive, indirect, vague  
4    bent     (slang)   crooked     (informal)   dishonest, dishonourable, shady     (informal)   unlawful  
5    confused, disorderly, disorganized, in disarray, messy, untidy  
6    broken, discontinuous, interrupted, non-consecutive  
7      (slang)   cool, fashionable, trendy     (Brit. informal)   voguish  

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