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1    to draw or be drawn taut; stretch tight  
2    to exert, tax, or use (resources) to the utmost extent  
3    to injure or damage or be injured or damaged by overexertion  
he strained himself     
4    to deform or be deformed as a result of a stress  
5    intr   to make intense or violent efforts; strive  
6    to subject or be subjected to mental tension or stress  
7    to pour or pass (a substance) or (of a substance) to be poured or passed through a sieve, filter, or strainer  
8    tr   to draw off or remove (one part of a substance or mixture from another) by or as if by filtering  
9    tr   to clasp tightly; hug  
10    tr  
Obsolete   to force or constrain  
11    intr; foll by: at  
a    to push, pull, or work with violent exertion (upon)  
b    to strive (for)  
c    to balk or scruple (from)  
12    the act or an instance of straining  
13    the damage resulting from excessive exertion  
14    an intense physical or mental effort  
15      (Music)   often pl   a theme, melody, or tune  
16    a great demand on the emotions, resources, etc.  
17    a feeling of tension and tiredness resulting from overwork, worry, etc.; stress  
18    a particular style or recurring theme in speech or writing  
19      (Physics)   the change in dimension of a body under load expressed as the ratio of the total deflection or change in dimension to the original unloaded dimension. It may be a ratio of lengths, areas, or volumes  
     (C13: from Old French estreindre to press together, from Latin stringere to bind tightly)  
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