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1    a long strip of leather or similar material, for binding trunks, baggage, or other objects  
2    a strip of leather or similar material used for carrying, lifting, or holding  
3    a loop of leather, rubber, etc., suspended from the roof in a bus or train for standing passengers to hold on to  
4    a razor strop  
5      (Business)   a triple option on a security or commodity consisting of one put option and two call options at the same price and for the same period  
   Compare       strip   2       5  
6      (Irish)  
derogatory slang   a shameless or promiscuous woman  
7    the strap   a beating with a strap as a punishment  
8       short for       shoulder strap  
      vb   , straps, strapping, strapped   tr  
9    to tie or bind with a strap  
10    to beat with a strap  
11    to sharpen with a strap or strop  
     (C16: variant of strop)  

shoulder strap  
      n   a strap over one or both of the shoulders, as to hold up a garment or to support a bag, etc.  
strap hinge  
      n   a hinge with a long leaf or flap attached to the face of a door, gate, etc.  
Slang   a beating  
strap work  
      n     (Architect)   decorative work resembling interlacing straps  
      n   modifier   denoting a type of woman's shoe fastened with a T-shaped strap having one part passing across the ankle and the other attached to it in the middle and lying along the length of the foot,   (Also called)    T-bar  
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1    belt, leash, thong, tie  
2    bind, buckle, fasten, lash, secure, tie, truss  
3    beat, belt     (informal)   flog, lash, scourge, whip  

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a pair of straps used by men for holding up trousers or pants
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