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      n   pl   , -gies  
1    the art or science of the planning and conduct of a war; generalship  
2    a particular long-term plan for success, esp. in business or politics  
   Compare       tactics       2  
3    a plan or stratagem  
     (C17: from French stratégie, from Greek strategia function of a general; see stratagem)  

focused strategy  
      n   a business strategy in which an organization divests itself of all but its core activities, using the funds raised to enhance the distinctive abilities that give it an advantage over its rivals  
Lady Macbeth strategy  
Informal   a strategy in a takeover battle in which a third party makes a bid acceptable to the target company, appearing to act as a white knight but subsequently joining forces with the original (unwelcome) bidder  
     (C20: after Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare's Macbeth (1605))  
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approach, grand design, manoeuvring, plan, planning, policy, procedure, programme, scheme  

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The name Pokémo ncomes from the words Pocket Monsters
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