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      vb   , strives, striving, strove, striven  
1    may take a clause as object or an infinitive   to make a great and tenacious effort  
to strive to get promotion     
2    intr   to fight; contend  
     (C13: from Old French estriver, of Germanic origin; related to Middle High German streben to strive, Old Norse stritha to fight)  
  striver      n  
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attempt, bend over backwards     (informal)   break one's neck     (informal)   bust a gut     (informal)   compete, contend, do all one can, do one's best, do one's damnedest     (informal)   do one's utmost, endeavour, exert oneself, fight, give it one's all     (informal)   give it one's best shot     (informal)   go all out     (informal)   go for broke     (slang)   go for it     (informal)   jump through hoops     (informal)   knock oneself out     (informal)   labour, leave no stone unturned, make an all-out effort     (informal)   make every effort, rupture oneself     (informal)   strain, struggle, toil, try, try hard  

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