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, stymy  
      vb   , -mies, -mieing, -mied, -mies, -mying, -mied   tr; often passive  
1    to hinder or thwart  
2      (Golf)   to impede with a stymie  
      n   pl   , -mies  
3      (Golf)   (formerly) a situation on the green in which an opponent's ball is blocking the line between the hole and the ball about to be played: an obstructing ball may now be lifted and replaced by a marker  
4    a situation of obstruction  
     (C19: of uncertain origin)  
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balk, confound, defeat, flummox, foil, frustrate, hinder, mystify, nonplus, puzzle, snooker, spike (someone's) guns, stump, throw a spanner in the works     (Brit. informal)   thwart  

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