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1    an act or instance of submitting  
2    something submitted; a proposal, argument, etc.  
3    the quality or condition of being submissive to another  
4    the act of referring a document, etc., for the consideration of someone else  
5      (Law)  
a    an agreement by the parties to a dispute to refer the matter to arbitration  
b    the instrument referring a disputed matter to arbitration  
6    (in wrestling) the act of causing such pain to one's opponent that he submits  
   Compare       fall       48  
7    Archaic   a confession of error  
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1    acquiescence, assent, capitulation, giving in, surrender, yielding  
2    compliance, deference, docility, meekness, obedience, passivity, resignation, submissiveness, tractability, unassertiveness  
3    argument, contention, proposal  
4    entry, handing in, presentation, submitting, tendering  

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