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1    a payment or promise of payment for consecutive issues of a magazine, newspaper, book, etc., over a specified period of time  
a    the advance purchase of tickets for a series of concerts, operas, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
a subscription concert     
3    an amount of money paid or promised, as to a charity, or the fund raised in this way  
4    an offer to buy shares or bonds issued by a company  
5    the act of signing one's name to a document, etc.  
6    a signature or other appendage attached to the bottom of a document, etc.  
7    agreement, consent, or acceptance expressed by or as if by signing one's name  
8    a signed document, statement, etc.  
9      (Chiefly Brit)   the membership dues or fees paid to a society or club  
10    acceptance of a fixed body of articles of faith, doctrines, or principles laid down as universally binding upon all the members of a Church  
11      (Med)   that part of a written prescription directing the pharmacist how to mix and prepare the ingredients: rarely seen today as modern drugs are mostly prepackaged by the manufacturers  
12    an advance order for a new product  
a    the sale of books, etc., prior to printing  
b    (as modifier)  
a subscription edition     
14    Archaic   allegiance; submission,   (Abbrev.)    sub  
  subscriptive      adj  

subscription library  
      n   a commercial lending library  
subscription television  
      n      another name for       pay television  
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annual payment, contribution, donation, dues, gift, membership fee, offering  

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