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      vb   mainly intr  
1    often foll by: on   to be sustained; manage to live  
to subsist on milk     
2    to continue in existence  
3    foll by: in   to lie or reside by virtue (of); consist  
4      (Philosophy)  
a    to exist as a concept or relation rather than a fact  
b    to be conceivable  
5    tr  
Obsolete   to provide with support  
     (C16: from Latin subsistere to stand firm, from sub- up + sistere to make a stand)  
  subsistent      adj  
  subsister      n  
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be, continue, eke out an existence, endure, exist, keep going, keep one's head above water, last, live, make ends meet, remain, stay alive, survive, sustain oneself  

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