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1    the means by which one maintains life  
2    the act or condition of subsisting  
3    a thing that has real existence  
4    the state of being inherent  
5      (Philosophy)   an inferior mode of being ascribed to the references of general terms which do not in fact exist  
   See also       nonbeing  

subsistence allowance  
      n     (Chiefly Brit)  
1    an advance paid to an employee before his pay begins  
2    a payment to an employee to reimburse expenses, as while on assignments  
subsistence farming  
      n   a type of farming in which most of the produce (subsistence crop) is consumed by the farmer and his family, leaving little or nothing to be marketed  
subsistence level  
      n   a standard of living barely adequate to support life  
subsistence wage  
      n   the lowest wage upon which a worker and his family can survive  
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aliment, existence, food, keep, livelihood, living, maintenance, provision, rations, support, survival, sustenance, upkeep, victuals  

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