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1      (Grammar)   a noun or pronoun used in place of a noun  
2    of, relating to, containing, or being the essential element of a thing  
3    having independent function, resources, or existence  
4    of substantial quantity  
5    solid in foundation or basis  
6      (Grammar)   denoting, relating to, or standing in place of a noun  
7    relating to the essential legal principles administered by the courts, as opposed to practice and procedure  
   Compare       adjective       3  
8    (of a dye or colour) staining the material directly without use of a mordant,   (Abbrevs.)    s, sb, subst         
     (C15: from Late Latin substantivus, from Latin substare to stand beneath; see substance)  
  substantival      adj  
  substantivally      adv  
  substantively      adv  
  substantiveness      n  

      abbrev. for  
1    substantive  
2    substitute  
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