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1    of a considerable size or value  
substantial funds     
2    worthwhile; important  
a substantial reform     
3    having wealth or importance  
4    (of food or a meal) sufficient and nourishing  
5    solid or strong in construction, quality, or character  
a substantial door     
6    real; actual; true  
the evidence is substantial     
7    of or relating to the basic or fundamental substance or aspects of a thing  
8      (Philosophy)   of or relating to substance rather than to attributes, accidents, or modifications  
  substantialness      n  
  substantially      adv  
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1    ample, big, considerable, generous, goodly, important, large, significant, sizable or sizeable, tidy     (informal)   worthwhile  
2    bulky, durable, firm, hefty, massive, solid, sound, stout, strong, sturdy, well-built  
3    actual, existent, material, positive, real, true, valid, weighty  
1 & 2    feeble, frail, inadequate, inconsiderable, infirm, insignificant, insubstantial, jerry-built, light-weight, meagre, niggardly, pathetic, poor, rickety, skimpy, small, weak  
3    fictitious, imaginary, imagined, insubstantial, nonexistent, unreal  

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