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1    enough to meet a need or purpose; adequate  
2      (Logic)   (of a condition) assuring the truth of a statement; requiring but not necessarily required by some other state of affairs  
   Compare       necessary       3e  
3    Archaic   competent; capable  
4    a sufficient quantity  
     (C14: from Latin sufficiens supplying the needs of, from sufficere to suffice)  
  sufficiently      adv  

self-sufficient   , self-sufficing  
      adj   able to provide for or support oneself without the help of others  
  self-sufficiency      n  
  self-sufficiently      adv  
sufficient reason  
      n     (Philosophy)  
1    the principle that nothing happens by pure chance, but that an explanation must always be available  
2    the view that such an explanation is a reason for God to have chosen one alternative rather than another  
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adequate, competent, enough, enow     (archaic)   satisfactory  
   deficient, inadequate, insufficient, meagre, not enough, poor, scant, short, sparse  

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a willingness to believe in the absence of sufficient evidence, or contrary to the evidence.
this could cover all instances of use of the word 'faith'.
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