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      vb   tr; may take a clause as object  
1    to put forward (a plan, idea, etc.) for consideration  
I suggest Smith for the post, a plan suggested itself     
2    to evoke (a person, thing, etc.) in the mind of someone by the association of ideas  
that painting suggests home to me     
3    to give an indirect or vague hint of  
his face always suggests his peace of mind     
     (C16: from Latin suggerere to bring up, from sub- + gerere to bring)  
  suggester      n  
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1    advise, advocate, move, offer a suggestion, prescribe, propose, put forward, recommend  
2    bring to mind, connote, evoke, put one in mind of  
3    hint, imply, indicate, insinuate, intimate, lead one to believe  

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to suggest sketchily
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