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sun bath


      n   the exposure of the body to the rays of the sun or a sun lamp, esp. in order to get a suntan  
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bath          [1]  
      n   pl   , baths  
1    a large container, esp. one made of enamelled iron or plastic, used for washing or medically treating the body  
   Related adj       balneal  
2    the act or an instance of washing in such a container  
3    the amount of liquid contained in a bath  
4    run a bath   to turn on the taps to fill a bath with water for bathing oneself  
5    usually pl   a place that provides baths or a swimming pool for public use  
a    a vessel in which something is immersed to maintain it at a constant temperature, to process it photographically, electrolytically, etc., or to lubricate it  
b    the liquid used in such a vessel  
7      (Brit)   to wash in a bath  
     (Old English bæth; compare Old High German bad, Old Norse bath; related to Swedish basa to clean with warm water, Old High German baen to warm)  

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      n   ablution, cleansing, douche, douse, scrubbing, shower, soak, soaping, sponging, tub, wash, washing  
      vb   bathe, clean, douse, lave     (archaic)   scrub down, shower, soak, soap, sponge, tub, wash  

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someone who loves being in the sun, sunbathing etc
to lie lazily (in the sun): lizards bask on rocks, people bask on beaches. Also fig: to bask in someone's reflected glory; to bask in media attention.
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