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1    an addition designed to complete, make up for a deficiency, etc.  
2    a section appended to a publication to supply further information, correct errors, etc.  
3    a magazine or section inserted into a newspaper or periodical, such as one with colour photographs issued every week  
4      (Geometry)  
a    either of a pair of angles whose sum is 180°  
b    an arc of a circle that when added to another arc forms a semicircle,   (Abbrevs.)    sup, supp         
5    tr   to provide a supplement to, esp. in order to remedy a deficiency  
     (C14: from Latin supplementum, from supplere to supply1)  
  supplementation      n  
  supplementer      n  

supp.   , suppl.  
      abbrev. for   supplement(ary)  
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