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      n   pl   , -geries  
1    the branch of medicine concerned with treating disease, injuries, etc., by means of manual or operative procedures, esp. by incision into the body  
2    the performance of such procedures by a surgeon  
3      (Brit)   a place where a doctor, dentist, etc., can be consulted  
4      (Brit)   an occasion when an MP, lawyer, etc., is available for consultation  
5      (U.S. and Canadian)   an operating theatre where surgical operations are performed  
     (C14: via Old French from Latin chirurgia, from Greek kheirurgia, from kheir hand + ergon work)  

cosmetic surgery  
      n   surgery performed to improve the appearance, rather than for medical reasons  
keyhole surgery  
      n   surgery carried out through a very small incision  
open-heart surgery  
      n   surgical repair of the heart during which the blood circulation is often maintained mechanically  
plastic surgery  
      n   the branch of surgery concerned with therapeutic or cosmetic repair or re-formation of missing, injured, or malformed tissues or parts,   (Also called)    anaplasty  
  plastic surgeon      n  
spare-part surgery  
      n   surgical replacement of defective or damaged organs by transplant or insertion of artificial devices  
tree surgery  
      n   the treatment of damaged trees by filling cavities, applying braces, etc.  
  tree surgeon      n  
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plastic surgery consisting in removing the fat tissue from the abdominal area
popular term
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