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      n   pl   , -pluses  
1    a quantity or amount in excess of what is required  
2      (Accounting)  
a    an excess of total assets over total liabilities  
b    an excess of actual net assets over the nominal value of capital stock  
c    an excess of revenues over expenditures during a certain period of time  
3      (Economics)  
a    an excess of government revenues over expenditures during a certain financial year  
b    an excess of receipts over payments on the balance of payments  
4    being in excess; extra  
     (C14: from Old French, from Medieval Latin superplus, from Latin super- + plus more)  

capital surplus  
      n      another name (esp. U.S.) for       share premium  
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      n   balance, excess, remainder, residue, superabundance, superfluity, surfeit  
      adj   excess, extra, in excess, left over, odd, remaining, spare, superfluous, unused  
,       n   dearth, deficiency, deficit, insufficiency, lack, paucity, shortage, shortfall  
      adj   deficient, falling short, inadequate, insufficient, lacking, limited, scant, scanty, scarce  

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