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      vb   tr  
1    to cause to feel amazement or wonder  
2    to encounter or discover unexpectedly or suddenly  
3    to capture or assault suddenly and without warning  
4    to present with something unexpected, such as a gift  
5    foll by: into   to provoke (someone) to unintended action by a trick, etc.  
to surprise a person into an indiscretion     
6    often foll by: from   to elicit by unexpected behaviour or by a trick  
to surprise information from a prisoner     
7    the act or an instance of surprising; the act of taking unawares  
8    a sudden or unexpected event, gift, etc.  
9    the feeling or condition of being surprised; astonishment  
10    modifier   causing, characterized by, or relying upon surprise  
a surprise move     
11    take by surprise  
a    to come upon suddenly and without warning  
b    to capture unexpectedly or catch unprepared  
c    to astonish; amaze  
     (C15: from Old French, from surprendre to overtake, from sur-1 + prendre from Latin prehendere to grasp; see prehensile)  
  surprisal      n  
  surprised      adj  
  surprisedly      adv  
  surpriser      n  
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1    amaze, astonish, astound, bewilder, bowl over     (informal)   confuse, disconcert, flabbergast     (informal)   leave open-mouthed, nonplus, stagger, stun, take aback, take (someone's) breath away  
2    burst in on, catch in the act or red-handed, catch napping, catch on the hop     (informal)   catch unawares or off-guard, come down on like a bolt from the blue, discover, spring upon, startle  
3    amazement, astonishment, bewilderment, incredulity, stupefaction, wonder  
4    bolt from the blue, bombshell, eye-opener     (informal)   jolt, revelation, shock, start     (informal)   turn-up for the books     (informal)  

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