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1    tr   to relinquish to the control or possession of another under duress or on demand  
to surrender a city     
2    tr   to relinquish or forego (an office, position, etc.), esp. as a voluntary concession to another  
he surrendered his place to a lady     
3    to give (oneself) up physically, as or as if to an enemy  
4    to allow (oneself) to yield, as to a temptation, influence, etc.  
5    tr   to give up (hope, etc.)  
6    tr     (Law)   to give up or restore (an estate), esp. to give up a lease before expiration of the term  
7    tr  
Obsolete   to return or render (thanks, etc.)  
8    surrender to bail   to present oneself at court at the appointed time after having been on bail  
9    the act or instance of surrendering  
10      (Insurance)   the voluntary discontinuation of a life policy by its holder in return for a consideration (the surrender value)  
11      (Law)  
a    the yielding up or restoring of an estate, esp. the giving up of a lease before its term has expired  
b    the giving up to the appropriate authority of a fugitive from justice  
c    the act of surrendering or being surrendered to bail  
d    the deed by which a legal surrender is effected  
     (C15: from Old French surrendre to yield, from sur-1 + rendre to render)  
  surrenderer      n  
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1    abandon, cede, concede, deliver up, forego, give up, part with, relinquish, renounce, resign, waive, yield  
2    capitulate, give in, give oneself up, give way, lay down arms, quit, show the white flag, submit, succumb, throw in the towel, yield  
3    capitulation, delivery, relinquishment, renunciation, resignation, submission, yielding  
,       vb   defy, fight (on), make a stand against, oppose, resist, stand up to, withstand  

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Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys n.
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