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1    tr   to hang from above so as to permit free movement  
2    tr; passive   to cause to remain floating or hanging  
a cloud of smoke was suspended over the town     
3    tr   to render inoperative or cause to cease, esp. temporarily  
to suspend interest payments     
4    tr   to hold in abeyance; postpone action on  
to suspend a decision     
5    tr   to debar temporarily from privilege, office, etc., as a punishment  
6    tr     (Chem)   to cause (particles) to be held in suspension in a fluid  
7    tr     (Music)   to continue (a note) until the next chord is sounded, with which it usually forms a dissonance  
   See       suspension       11  
8    intr   to cease payment, as from incapacity to meet financial obligations  
9    tr  
Obsolete   to put or keep in a state of anxiety or wonder  
10    intr  
Obsolete   to be attached from above  
     (C13: from Latin suspendere from sub- + pendere to hang)  
  suspendible, suspensible      adj  
  suspendibility      n  
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1    append, attach, dangle, hang, swing  
2    adjourn, arrest, cease, cut short, debar, defer, delay, discontinue, hold off, interrupt, lay aside, pigeonhole, postpone, put in cold storage, put off, shelve, stay, withhold  
2    carry on, continue, reestablish, reinstate, restore, resume, return  

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