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1    the condition of being insecure or uncertain  
the matter of the succession remained in suspense for many years     
2    mental uncertainty; anxiety  
their father's illness kept them in a state of suspense     
3    excitement felt at the approach of the climax  
a play of terrifying suspense     
4    the condition of being suspended  
     (C15: from Medieval Latin suspensum delay, from Latin suspendere to hang up; see suspend)  
  suspenseful      adj  

suspense account  
      n     (Book-keeping)   an account in which entries are made until determination of their proper disposition  
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1    anticipation, anxiety, apprehension, doubt, expectancy, expectation, indecision, insecurity, irresolution, tension, uncertainty, wavering  
2    in suspense      anxious, in an agony of doubt, keyed up, on edge, on tenterhooks, with bated breath  

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