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sword grass


      n   any of various grasses and other plants having sword-shaped sharp leaves  
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1    a thrusting, striking, or cutting weapon with a long blade having one or two cutting edges, a hilt, and usually a crosspiece or guard  
2    such a weapon worn on ceremonial occasions as a symbol of authority  
3    something resembling a sword, such as the snout of a swordfish  
4    cross swords   to argue or fight  
5    the sword  
a    violence or power, esp. military power  
b    death; destruction  
to put to the sword     
     (Old English sweord; related to Old Saxon swerd, Old Norse sverth, Old High German swert)  
  swordless      adj  
  swordlike      adj  

sword bayonet  
      n   a bayonet with a swordlike blade and hilt, capable of use as a sword  
sword belt  
      n   a belt with a sling or strap for a sword  
sword cane  
      n      another name for       swordstick  
sword dance  
      n   a dance in which the performers dance nimbly over swords on the ground or brandish them in the air  
  sword dancer      n  
  sword dancing      n  
sword fern  
      n   any of numerous ferns having sword-shaped fronds  
sword grass  
      n   any of various grasses and other plants having sword-shaped sharp leaves  
sword knot  
      n   a loop on the hilt of a sword by which it was attached to the wrist, now purely decorative  
sword lily  
      n      another name for       gladiolus       1  
     (C18: so called because of its sword-shaped leaves)  
Sword of Damocles  
      n   a closely impending disaster  
     (see Damocles)  
      n   a performer who simulates the swallowing of swords  

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1    blade, brand     (archaic)   trusty steel  
2    cross swords      argue, come to blows, dispute, fight, spar, wrangle  
3    the sword      aggression, arms, butchery, death, massacre, military might, murder, slaying, violence, war  

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1. the operation or work of cutting grass and curing it for hay 2. the act of taking full advantage of an easy opportunity
A seagrass species that is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. Also called Neptune grass.
[Bot.] Latin: Posidonia oceanica. Another species (Posidonia australis) is endemic to Australia.
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