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1    a combination or set of one or more units of sound in a language that must consist of a sonorous element (a sonant or vowel) and may or may not contain less sonorous elements (consonants or semivowels) flanking it on either or both sides: for example ``paper'' has two syllables  
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2    (in the writing systems of certain languages, esp. ancient ones) a symbol or set of symbols standing for a syllable  
3    the least mention in speech or print  
don't breathe a syllable of it     
4    in words of one syllable   simply; bluntly  
5    to pronounce syllables of (a text); articulate  
6    tr   to write down in syllables  
     (C14: via Old French from Latin syllaba, from Greek sullabe, from sullambanein to collect together, from sul- syn- + lambanein to take)  

nonsense syllable  
      n     (Psychol)   a syllable, like bik, having no meaning. Lists of such syllables have been used to investigate memory and learning  
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