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1    something that represents or stands for something else, usually by convention or association, esp. a material object used to represent something abstract  
2    an object, person, idea, etc., used in a literary work, film, etc., to stand for or suggest something else with which it is associated either explicitly or in some more subtle way  
3    a letter, figure, or sign used in mathematics, science, music, etc. to represent a quantity, phenomenon, operation, function, etc.  
4      (Psychoanal)   the end product, in the form of an object or act, of a conflict in the unconscious between repression processes and the actions and thoughts being repressed  
the symbols of dreams     
5      (Psychol)   any mental process that represents some feature of external reality  
      vb   , -bols, -bolling, -bolled  
     (U.S.)   , -bols, -boling, -boled  
6    tr      another word for       symbolize  
     (C15: from Church Latin symbolum, from Greek sumbolon sign, from sumballein to throw together, from syn- + ballein to throw)  

chord symbol  
      n     (Music)   any of a series of letters and numerals, used as a shorthand indication of chords, esp. in jazz, folk, or pop music  
B7 indicates the dominant seventh chord in the key of E     
fertility symbol  
      n   an object, esp. a phallic symbol, used in fertility-cult ceremonies to symbolize regeneration  
status symbol  
      n   a possession which is regarded as proof of the owner's social position, wealth, prestige, etc.  
symbol retailer  
      n   any member of a voluntary group of independent retailers, often using a common name or symbol, formed to obtain better prices from wholesalers or manufacturers in competition with supermarket chains,   (Also called)    voluntary retailer  
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badge, emblem, figure, image, logo, mark, representation, sign, token, type  

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A scally is a working class youth who wears designer sports clothes as a status symbol
Colloquial Very similar to a chav (but chavs are more extreme in their appearance than scallies)
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