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1    possessing or displaying symmetry  
   Compare       asymmetric  
2      (Maths)  
a    (of two points) capable of being joined by a line that is bisected by a given point or bisected perpendicularly by a given line or plane  
the points (x, y) and (--x, --y) are symmetrical about the origin     
b    (of a configuration) having pairs of points that are symmetrical about a given point, line, or plane  
a circle is symmetrical about a diameter     
c    (of an equation or function of two or more variables) remaining unchanged in form after an interchange of two variables  
x + y = z is a symmetrical equation     
3      (Chem)   (of a compound) having a molecular structure in which substituents are symmetrical about the molecule  
4      (Botany)      another word for       actinomorphic  
5      (Also)    symmetric   (of a disease, infection, etc.) affecting both sides of the body or corresponding parts, such as both legs  
  symmetrically      adv  
  symmetricalness      n  
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balanced, in proportion, proportional, regular, well-proportioned  
   asymmetrical, disorderly, irregular, lopsided, unbalanced, unequal, unsymmetrical  

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