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      n   pl   , -tries  
1    similarity, correspondence, or balance among systems or parts of a system  
2      (Maths)   an exact correspondence in position or form about a given point, line, or plane  
   See       symmetrical       2  
3    beauty or harmony of form based on a proportionate arrangement of parts  
4      (Physics)   the independence of a property with respect to direction; isotropy  
     (C16: from Latin symmetria, from Greek summetria proportion, from syn- + metron measure)  

bilateral symmetry  
      n   the property of an organism or part of an organism such that, if cut in only one plane, the two cut halves are mirror images of each other  
   See also       radial symmetry  
mirror symmetry  
      n   symmetry about a plane (mirror plane) that divides the object or system into two mutual mirror images  
radial symmetry  
      n   a type of structure of an organism or part of an organism in which a vertical cut through the axis in any of two or more planes produces two halves that are mirror images of each other  
   Compare       bilateral symmetry  
skew symmetry  
      n   symmetry of top left with bottom right, and top right with bottom left  
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agreement, balance, correspondence, evenness, form, harmony, order, proportion, regularity  

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