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      adj     (also)   
1    (of a substance or material) made artificially by chemical reaction  
2    not genuine; insincere  
synthetic compassion     
3    denoting languages, such as Latin, whose morphology is characterized by synthesis  
   Compare       polysynthetic       agglutinative       2       analytic       3  
4      (Philosophy)  
a    (of a proposition) having a truth-value that is not determined solely by virtue of the meanings of the words, as in all men are arrogant  
b    contingent  
   Compare       a posteriori       empirical  
5    a synthetic substance or material  
     (C17: from New Latin syntheticus, from Greek sunthetikos expert in putting together, from suntithenai to put together; see synthesis)  
  synthetically      adv  

synthetic resin  
      n      See       resin       2  
synthetic rubber  
      n   any of various synthetic materials, similar to natural rubber, made by polymerizing unsaturated hydrocarbons, such as isoprene and butadiene  
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artificial, ersatz, fake, man-made, manufactured, mock, pseudo     (informal)   sham, simulated  
   authentic, genuine, kosher     (informal)   natural, real  

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