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system building


      n   a method of building in which prefabricated components are used to speed the construction of buildings  
  system built      adj  
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1    a group or combination of interrelated, interdependent, or interacting elements forming a collective entity; a methodical or coordinated assemblage of parts, facts, concepts, etc.  
a system of currency, the Copernican system     
2    any scheme of classification or arrangement  
a chronological system     
3    a network of communications, transportation, or distribution  
4    a method or complex of methods  
he has a perfect system at roulette     
5    orderliness; an ordered manner  
6    the system   often cap   society seen as an environment exploiting, restricting, and repressing individuals  
7    an organism considered as a functioning entity  
8    any of various bodily parts or structures that are anatomically or physiologically related  
the digestive system     
9    one's physiological or psychological constitution  
get it out of your system     
10    any assembly of electronic, electrical, or mechanical components with interdependent functions, usually forming a self-contained unit  
a brake system     
11    a group of celestial bodies that are associated as a result of natural laws, esp. gravitational attraction  
the solar system     
12      (Chem)   a sample of matter in which there are one or more substances in one or more phases  
   See also       phase rule  
13    a point of view or doctrine used to interpret a branch of knowledge  
14      (Mineralogy)   one of a group of divisions into which crystals may be placed on the basis of the lengths and inclinations of their axes  
15      (Geology)   a stratigraphical unit for the rock strata formed during a period of geological time. It can be subdivided into series  
     (C17: from French système, from Late Latin systema, from Greek sustema, from syn- + histanai to cause to stand)  
  systemless      adj  

ABO system  
      n   a system for classifying human blood on the basis of the presence or absence of two antigens in the red cells: there are four such blood types (A, B, AB, and O)  
Additional Member System  
      n   a system of voting in which people vote separately for the candidate and the party of their choice. Parties are allocated extra seats if the number of constituencies they win does not reflect their overall share of the vote  
   See also       proportional representation  
autonomic nervous system  
      n   the section of the nervous system of vertebrates that controls the involuntary actions of the smooth muscles, heart, and glands  
   Compare       somatic nervous system  
Bertillon system     (French)  
      n   a system formerly in use for identifying persons, esp. criminals, by means of a detailed record of physical characteristics  
     (C19: named after Alphonse Bertillon (1853--1914), French criminal investigator)  
central nervous system  
      n   the mass of nerve tissue that controls and coordinates the activities of an animal. In vertebrates it consists of the brain and spinal cord,   (Abbrev.)    CNS      Compare       autonomic nervous system  
circulatory system  
      n     (Anatomy, zoology)   the system concerned with the transport of blood and lymph, consisting of the heart, blood vessels, lymph vessels, etc.  
Continental System  
      n   the. Napoleon's plan in 1806 to blockade Britain by excluding her ships from ports on the mainland of Europe  
Copernican system  
      n   the theory published in 1543 by Copernicus which stated that the earth and the planets rotated around the sun and which opposed the Ptolemaic system  
crystal system  
      n     (Crystallog)   any of six, or sometimes seven, classifications of crystals depending on their symmetry. The classes are cubic, tetragonal, hexagonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, and triclinic. Sometimes an additional system, trigonal, is distinguished, although this is usually included in the hexagonal system  
   See also       crystal class  
decimal system  
1    the number system in general use, having a base of ten, in which numbers are expressed by combinations of the ten digits 0 to 9  
2    a system of measurement, such as the metric system, in which the multiple and submultiple units are related to a basic unit by powers of ten  
decision support system  
      n   a system in which one or more computers and computer programs assist in decision-making by providing information  
Delsarte system  
      n   a method of teaching drama and dancing based on the exercises of Alexandre Delsarte (1811--71), famous teacher at the Paris Conservatoire  
development system  
      n   a computer system, including hardware and software, that is specifically designed to aid in the development of software and interfaces  
Dewey Decimal System  
      n   a frequently used system of library book classification and arrangement with ten main subject classes,   (Also called)    decimal classification     (Abbrev.)    DDS  
     (C19: named after Melvil Dewey (1851--1931), US educator who invented the system)  
disk operating system  
      n   an operating system used on a computer system with one or more disk drives,   (Often shortened to)    DOS  
double-system sound recording  
      n     (Films)   a system in which picture and sound are taken simultaneously and the sound is recorded separately on magnetic tape  
early warning system  
      n   a network of radar and communications units intended to detect at the earliest possible moment an attack by enemy aircraft or missiles  
European Monetary System  
      n   the system used in the European Union for stabilizing exchange rates between the currencies of member states participating in the Exchange Rate Mechanism and the balance-of-payments support mechanism. The original exchange rate mechanism was formed in 1979 but superseded in 1999 when the euro was adopted as official currency of 11 EU member states. A new exchange rate mechanism (ERM II) based on the euro will be used to regulate the currencies of EU member states that have not adopted the euro,   (Abbrev.)    EMS  
expert system  
      n   a computer program that can offer intelligent advice or make intelligent decisions using rule-based programs  
Federal Reserve System  
      n   (in the U.S.) a banking system consisting of twelve Federal Reserve Districts, each containing member banks regulated and served by a Federal Reserve Bank. It operates under the supervision of the Federal Reserve Board and performs functions similar to those of the Bank of England  
formal system  
      n     (Logic)   an uninterpreted symbolic system whose syntax is precisely defined, and on which a relation of deducibility is defined in purely syntactic terms; a logistic system,   (Also called)    formal theory, formal calculus      Compare       formal language  
Giorgi system  
      n   a system of units based on the metre, kilogram, second, and ampere, in which the magnetic constant has the value 4πx10--7 henries per metre. It was used as a basis for SI units,   (Also called)    MKSA system  
     (C20: named after Giovanni Giorgi (1871--1950), Italian physicist)  
global positioning system  
      n   a system of earth-orbiting satellites, transmitting signals continuously towards the earth, that enables the position of a receiving device on or near the earth's surface to be accurately estimated from the difference in arrival times of the signals,   (Abbrev.)    GPS  
HLA system  
      n   human leucocyte antigen system; a group of the most important antigens responsible for tissue compatibility, together with the genes that encode them. For tissue and organ transplantation to be successful there needs to be a minimum number of HLA differences between the donor's and recipient's tissue  
imputation system  
      n   a taxation system in which some, or all, of the corporation tax on a company is treated as a tax credit on account of the income tax paid by its shareholders on their dividends  
   See also       advance corporation tax  
induction loop system  
      n   a system enabling partially deaf people to hear dialogue and sound in theatres, cinemas, etc., consisting of a loop of wire placed round the perimeter of a designated area. This emits an electromagnetic signal which is picked up by a hearing aid,   (Often shortened to)    induction loop  
inertial system  
      n   a frame of reference within which bodies are not accelerated unless acted upon by external forces,   (Also called)    inertial reference frame  
intelligent knowledge-based system  
      n   a computer system in which the properties of a database and an expert system are combined to enable the system to store and process data and make deductions from stored data,   (Abbrev.)    IKBS  
lateral line system  
      n   a system of sensory organs in fishes and aquatic amphibians consisting of a series of cells on the head and along the sides of the body that detect pressure changes and vibrations  
limbic system  
      n   the part of the brain bordering on the corpus callosum: concerned with basic emotion, hunger, and sex  
     (C19 limbic, from French limbique, from limbe limbus, from New Latin limbus, from Latin: border)  
lymphatic system  
      n   an extensive network of capillary vessels that transports the interstitial fluid of the body as lymph to the venous blood circulation  
management information system  
      n   an arrangement of equipment and procedures, often computerized, that is designed to provide managers with information  
merit system  
      n     (U.S)   the system of employing and promoting civil servants solely on the basis of ability rather than patronage  
   Compare       spoils system  
metric system  
      n   any decimal system of units based on the metre. For scientific purposes the Système International d'Unités (SI units) is used  
midi system  
      n   a complete set of hi-fi sound equipment designed as a single unit that is more compact than the standard equipment  
MKSA system  
      n      another name for       Giorgi system  
nervous system  
      n   the sensory and control apparatus of all multicellular animals above the level of sponges, consisting of a network of nerve cells (see neurone)  
   See also       central nervous system  
operating system  
      n   the set of software that controls the overall operation of a computer system, typically by performing such tasks as memory allocation, job scheduling, and input/output control  
PA system  
      n      See       public-address system  
periodic system  
      n   the classification of the elements based on the periodic law  
plenum system  
      n   a type of air-conditioning system in which air is passed into a room at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure  
points system  
      n     (Brit)   a system used to assess applicants' eligibility for local authority housing, based on (points awarded for) such factors as the length of time the applicant has lived in the area, how many children are in the family, etc.  
point system  
1      (Printing)   a system of measurement using the point (see sense 21) as its unit  
2    a system for evaluation of achievement, as in education or industry, based on awarding points  
3    any system of writing or printing, such as Braille, that uses protruding dots  
Ptolemaic system  
      n   the theory of planetary motion developed by Ptolemy from the hypotheses of earlier philosophers, stating that the earth lay at the centre of the universe with the sun, the moon, and the known planets revolving around it in complicated orbits. Beyond the largest of these orbits lay a sphere of fixed stars  
   See also       epicycle       1  
    Copernican system  
public-address system  
      n   a system of one or more microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers for increasing the sound level of speech or music, used in auditoriums, public gatherings, etc.,   (Sometimes shortened to)    PA system  
respiratory system  
      n   the specialized organs, collectively, concerned with external respiration: in humans and other mammals it includes the trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, lungs, and diaphragm  
solar system  
      n   the system containing the sun and the bodies held in its gravitational field, including the planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), the asteroids, and comets  
somatic nervous system  
      n     (Physiol)   the section of the nervous system responsible for sensation and control of the skeletal muscles  
   Compare       autonomic nervous system  
sound system  
1    any system of sounds, as in the speech of a language  
2    integrated equipment for producing amplified sound, as in a hi-fi or a mobile disco, or as a public-address system on stage  
spoils system  
      n     (Chiefly U.S)   the practice of filling appointive public offices with friends and supporters of the ruling political party  
   Compare       merit system  
sprinkler system  
      n   a fire-extinguishing system that releases water from overhead pipes through nozzles opened automatically by a rise in temperature  
star system  
1      (Astronomy)   a group of celestial bodies that are associated as a result of natural laws  
2    the practice of casting one or two famous actors or actresses in a film, play, etc., so that their popularity ensures its success  
3    a design for laying cables for cable television in which each house is fed by an individual cable from a local central distribution point  
system building  
      n   a method of building in which prefabricated components are used to speed the construction of buildings  
  system built      adj  
touch system  
      n   a typing system in which the fingers are trained to find the correct keys, permitting the typist to read and type copy without looking at the keyboard  
truck system  
      n   a system during the early years of the Industrial Revolution of forcing workers to accept payment of wages in kind, usually to the employer's advantage  
     (C19: from truck2)  
turnkey system  
      n   a computer or computer system supplied to a customer in such a complete form that it can be put to immediate use  
tutorial system  
      n   a system, mainly in universities, in which students receive guidance in academic or personal matters from tutors  
two-party system  
      n   a condition or system in which two major parties dominate a political unit  
urogenital system   , tract  
      n     (Anatomy)   the urinary tract and reproductive organs  
vestibular system  
      n   the sensory mechanism in the inner ear that detects movement of the head and helps to control balance  
water system  
1    a river and all its tributaries  
2    a system for supplying water to a community  
weapon system  
      n     (Military)   a weapon and the components necessary to its proper function, such as targeting and guidance devices  

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1    arrangement, classification, combination, coordination, organization, scheme, setup     (informal)   structure  
2    fixed order, frame of reference, method, methodology, modus operandi, practice, procedure, routine, technique, theory, usage  
3    definite plan, logical process, method, methodicalness, orderliness, regularity, systematization  

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Interactive Databases System is a process of storing data in files based on interaction between pieces of data.
[Tech.] Interactive Databases System is a process of storing data in files
the show is over, you can go home, the main purpose of your presence is gone
was used in Elvis concerts to prevent people from waiting an encore
a state of connectivity to the cyberspace through a medium of internet or computer network
Integrated Emergency Medical System
Global sytem including EMS and all Emergency Care Resources from Medical Emergency Call to Emergency Medical Specialized Hospital Services
get rid of a strong feeling towards something or someone
[Informal] If you have done something wrong, tell him and get it out of your system. After the break up, it took him some while to get her out of his system.
system used for the storage of digital assets.
distributed control system; a control system for a process or plant, wherein control elements are distributed throughout the system
chemical plants, petrochemical (oil) and refineries, boiler controls and power plant systems, nuclear power plants, environmental control systems etc.
the electronic contents generated by an electronic device or system in form of an electronic form or as a printed output (excluding the computer system files) are called e-documents
[Tech.];[Leg.] electronic contents
In computer science, the File Allocation Table (FAT) is a file system popularized by Microsoft in the 1980's in their earliest computers. The FAT file system has continued to be developed and now comes in multiple varieties such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT.
[Tech.];[Comp.] Look at that floppy disk, see if it is formatted with the FAT file system.
a point in a system that is isolated from other parts of the architecture
one of the parts that make up a whole machine, system etc.
Papillex™ is a patented phytoceutical complex formulated to support normal immune system response to HPV naturally.
a political system where power is based on the wealthiest elements of the society
Built up System within the web, whereby one’s web assts can be gathered and stored.
the automated system where an archive or interactions are stored.
Cybersecurity is system of computer technology that protects and integrates global interconnected information technology infrastructure.
[Tech.];[Leg.] protecting global computing system
a properly secured encrypted system where digital assets are saved
1. [Comp.] a device that once plugged in is automatically recognized by the system and launches the expected process without any action on the user's side; 2. [Bus.] a new employee who is able to start work without too much induction and training
[Comp.];[Bus.] can be used as both noun and adjective: plug and play device; plug and play employee or simply plug and play (noun)
series of functions performed by an electronic system independently of (not connected to) the cyberspace.
Potential of web system and mechanism for eternal life exists within the cyberspace.
fraudulent changing of data before or during entry into the computer system.
[Tech.];[Leg.] examples include: forging or counterfeiting documents used for data entry and exchanging valid disks and tapes with modified replacements.
a field of study searching for ways to prevent global warming by deliberately changing Earth's natural system
Cyber intelligence is computer system that tracks, examines and defies the digital security risks.
[Tech.];[Leg.] Cyber intelligence is computer system that tracks, examines and defies the digital security risks.
Cyber-surveillance is an electronic system for the surveillance of online activities, objects or processes that are operated from and on the Internet.
[Tech.];[Leg.] Cyber-surveillance is an electronic system for the surveillance of online activities
Cyber investigation is electronic method conducted through electronic system to search and discover the online facts or information.
[Tech.];[Leg.] Cyber investigation is electronic method conducted through electronic system to search the online facts
Process data that is created, stored or communicated by any information system, that is relevant to the process of adjudication.
[Tech.] Electronic Evidence
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