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1    a short sharp-pointed nail, usually with a flat and comparatively large head  
2      (Brit)   a long loose temporary stitch used in dressmaking, etc.  
3       See       tailor's-tack  
4    a temporary fastening  
5    stickiness, as of newly applied paint, varnish, etc.  
6      (Nautical)   the heading of a vessel sailing to windward, stated in terms of the side of the sail against which the wind is pressing  
7      (Nautical)  
a    a course sailed by a sailing vessel with the wind blowing from forward of the beam  
b    one such course or a zigzag pattern of such courses  
8      (Nautical)  
a    a sheet for controlling the weather clew of a course  
b    the weather clew itself  
9      (Nautical)   the forward lower clew of a fore-and-aft sail  
10    a course of action differing from some previous course  
he went off on a fresh tack     
11    on the wrong tack   under a false impression  
12    tr   to secure by a tack or series of tacks  
13      (Brit)   to sew (something) with long loose temporary stitches  
14    tr   to attach or append  
tack this letter onto the other papers     
15      (Nautical)   to change the heading of (a sailing vessel) to the opposite tack  
16      (Nautical)   to steer (a sailing vessel) on alternate tacks  
17    intr     (Nautical)   (of a sailing vessel) to proceed on a different tack or to alternate tacks  
18    intr   to follow a zigzag route; keep changing one's course of action  
     (C14 tak fastening, nail; related to Middle Low German tacke pointed instrument)  
  tacker      n  
  tackless      adj  
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tack          [2]  
Informal   food, esp. when regarded as inferior or distasteful  
   See also       hardtack  
     (C19: of unknown origin)  

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tack          [3]  
a    riding harness for horses, such as saddles, bridles, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
the tack room     
     (C20: shortened from tackle)  

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tack          [4]  
      n     (Scot)  
1    a lease  
2    an area of land held on a lease  
     (C15: from tak a Scots word for take)  

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1    drawing pin, nail, pin, staple, thumbtack     (U.S.)   tintack  
2    approach, bearing, course, direction, heading, line, method, path, plan, procedure, tactic, tenor, way  
3    affix, attach, fasten, fix, nail, pin, staple  
4    baste, stitch  
5    add, annex, append, attach, tag  

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