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      pl n  
1    functioning as sing     (Military)   the art and science of the detailed direction and control of movement or manoeuvre of forces in battle to achieve an aim or task  
2    the manoeuvres used or plans followed to achieve a particular short-term aim  
     (C17: from New Latin tactica, from Greek ta taktika the matters of arrangement, neuter plural of taktikos concerning arrangement or order, from taktos arranged (for battle), from tassein to arrange)  
  tactician      n  
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      n   a piece of tactics; tactical move  
   See also       tactics  

      adj combining form   having a specified kind of pattern or arrangement or having an orientation determined by a specified force  
syndiotactic, phototactic     
     (from Greek taktikos relating to order or arrangement; see tactics)  

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1    approach, course, device, line, manoeuvre, means, method, move, ploy, policy, scheme, stratagem, tack, trick, way  
2    campaign, generalship, manoeuvres, plans, strategy  

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