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1    a piece or strip of paper, plastic, leather, etc., for attaching to something by one end as a mark or label  
a price tag     
2    an electronic device worn, usually on the wrist or ankle, by an offender serving a noncustodial sentence, which monitors the offender's whereabouts by means of a link to a central computer through the telephone system,   (Also called)    electronic tag  
3    a small piece of material hanging from or loosely attached to a part or piece  
4    a point of metal or other hard substance at the end of a cord, lace, etc., to prevent it from fraying and to facilitate threading  
5    an epithet or verbal appendage, the refrain of a song, the moral of a fable, etc.  
6    a brief quotation, esp. one in a foreign language  
his speech was interlarded with Horatian tags     
7      (Grammar)  
a      (Also called)    tag question   a clause added on to another clause to invite the hearer's agreement or conversational cooperation. Tags are usually in the form of a question with a pronoun as subject, the antecedent of which is the subject of the main clause; as isn't it in the bread is on the table, isn't it?  
b    a linguistic item added on to a sentence but not forming part of it, as John in are you there, John?  
8    an ornamental flourish as at the end of a signature  
9    the contrastingly coloured tip to an animal's tail  
10    a matted lock of wool or hair  
11      (Angling)   a strand of tinsel, wire, etc., tied to the body of an artificial fly  
      vb   , tags, tagging, tagged   mainly tr  
12    to mark with a tag  
13    to monitor the whereabouts of (an offender) by means of an electronic tag  
14    to add or append as a tag  
15    to supply (prose or blank verse) with rhymes  
16    intr; usually foll by: on or along   to trail (behind)  
many small boys tagged on behind the procession     
17    to name or call (someone something)  
they tagged him Lanky     
18    to cut the tags of wool or hair from (an animal)  
     (C15: of uncertain origin; related to Swedish tagg point, perhaps also to tack1)  
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