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tail off

, away  
      vb   adv, usually intr   to decrease or cause to decrease in quantity, degree, etc., esp. gradually  
his interest in collecting stamps tailed off over the years     
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tail          [1]  
1    the region of the vertebrate body that is posterior to or above the anus and contains an elongation of the vertebral column, esp. forming a flexible movable appendage  
   Related adj       caudal  
2    anything resembling such an appendage in form or position; the bottom, lowest, or rear part  
the tail of a shirt     
3    the last part or parts  
the tail of the storm     
4    the rear part of an aircraft including the fin, tail plane, and control surfaces; empennage  
5      (Astronomy)   the luminous stream of gas and dust particles, up to 200 million kilometres long, driven from the head of a comet, when close to the sun, under the effect of the solar wind  
6    the rear portion of a bomb, rocket, missile, etc., usually fitted with guiding or stabilizing vanes  
7    a line of people or things  
8    a long braid or tress of hair  
a ponytail, a pigtail     
9      (Angling, Also called)   tailfly   the lowest fly on a wet-fly cast  
10    a final short line in a stanza  
11    Informal   a person employed to follow and spy upon another or others  
12       an informal word for       buttocks  
13    Taboo slang  
a    the female genitals  
b    a woman considered sexually (esp. in the phrases piece of tail, bit of tail)  
14      (Printing)  
a    the margin at the foot of a page  
b    the bottom edge of a book  
15    the lower end of a pool or part of a stream  
16    Informal   the course or track of a fleeing person or animal  
the police are on my tail     
17    modifier   coming from or situated in the rear  
a tail wind     
18    turn tail   to run away; escape  
19    with one's tail between one's legs   in a state of utter defeat or confusion  
20    to form or cause to form the tail  
21    to remove the tail of (an animal); dock  
22    tr   to remove the stalk of  
to top and tail the gooseberries     
23    tr   to connect (objects, ideas, etc.) together by or as if by the tail  
24    tr  
Informal   to follow stealthily  
25    tr     (Austral)   to tend (cattle) on foot  
26    intr   (of a vessel) to assume a specified position, as when at a mooring  
27    to build the end of (a brick, joist, etc.) into a wall or (of a brick, etc.) to have one end built into a wall,   (See also)        tail off       tail out       tails  
     (Old English tægel; related to Old Norse tagl horse's tail, Gothic tagl hair, Old High German zagal tail)  
  tailless      adj  
  taillessly      adv  
  taillessness      n  
  tail-like      adj  

Diccionario de inglés definición  


tail off

   , away  
decrease, die out, drop, dwindle, fade, fall away, peter out, wane  
   grow, increase, intensify, wax  

Diccionario de inglés sinónimos  

1    appendage, conclusion, empennage, end, extremity, rear end, tailpiece, train  
2    file, line, queue, tailback, train  
3      (of hair)   braid, pigtail, plait, ponytail, tress  
4      (informal)   arse     (taboo slang)   ass     (U.S. & Canad. taboo slang)   backside     (informal)   behind     (informal)   bottom, bum     (Brit. slang)   buns     (U.S. slang)   butt     (U.S. & Canad. informal)   buttocks, croup, derrière     (euphemistic)   jacksy     (Brit. slang)   posterior, rear     (informal)   rear end, rump  
5    turn tail      cut and run, escape, flee, hook it     (slang)   make off, retreat, run away, run for it     (informal)   run off, scarper     (Brit. slang)   show a clean pair of heels, skedaddle     (informal)   take off     (informal)   take to one's heels  
6      (informal)   dog the footsteps of, follow, keep an eye on, shadow, stalk, track, trail  

tail off      , away  
decrease, die out, drop, dwindle, fade, fall away, peter out, wane  
   grow, increase, intensify, wax  

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Diccionario colaborativo     Inglés Definiciones
telling someone to fight you."do sth !"
wave hand as a sign of rejection, disapproval or lack of interest
to depend on something or on someone to cover the basic expenses
E.g.: He lived off the money he inherited from his father while he had been working as a volunteer.
expression meaning that a situation is no longer certain or predictable and that anything can happen
originating from horse racing where "all bets are off" indicated that bets already made were null due to various unpredicted factors
live without being connected to one of more public utilities (such as water, electric power)
laughing my fucking ass off
mislead someone; deliberately provide wrong information to forbid someone from knowing the truth
E.g.: They are no longer in town, but hey left their car in front of the house just to put everybody off the scent.
get well with someone from the very beginning of the relationship
used when referring to romantic relationship, but also in a larger meaning: He hit it off with his teacher; he will continue taking classes with her.
to attempt or take on a task that is way to big and beyond one's capability
I wonder if that craftsman will be able to fulfil the three commitments he took on at the same time; in my opinion he bites off more than he can chew!
make an obscene and offensive gesture at someone by closing one's fist and extending one's middle finger upwards, interpreted as"Sod off!"; [US] flip (sb) off / flip (sb) the bird
Ex.: he has an unfortunate tendency and somewhat dangerous habit of giving the finger to motorists who cut in front of him.
go away idiot, fool ; leave me alone idiot, fool ; fuck you idiot, fool ; fuck off idiot, fool.
talk incessantly ; be very talkative/voluble ; be a chatterbox
[UK] [informal] Ex: When it comes to Pink Floyd, his all-time favorite band, he can talk the hind legs off a donkey!
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