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tall poppy syndrome


      n     (Austral)  
informal   a tendency to disparage any person who has achieved great prominence or wealth  
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1    of more than average height  
a    postpositive   having a specified height  
a woman five feet tall     
b    (in combination)  
a twenty-foot-tall partition     
3    Informal   exaggerated or incredible  
a tall story     
4    Informal   difficult to accomplish  
a tall order     
5       an archaic word for       excellent  
     (C14 (in the sense: big, comely, valiant); related to Old English getæl prompt, Old High German gizal quick, Gothic untals foolish)  
  tallness      n  

tall oil  
      n   any of various oily liquid mixtures obtained by acidifying the liquor resulting from the treatment of wood pulp with sodium hydroxide: it contains chiefly rosin acids and fatty acids and is used in making soaps and lubricants  
     (C20: partial translation of German Tallöl, from Swedish tallolja, from tall pine + olja oil)  
tall poppy  
      n     (Austral)  
informal   a person who has a high salary or is otherwise prominent  
     (perhaps from Tarquin's decapitation of the tallest poppies in his garden, to indicate the fate of the most prominent citizens of Gabii)  
tall poppy syndrome  
      n     (Austral)  
informal   a tendency to disparage any person who has achieved great prominence or wealth  
tall ship  
      n   any square-rigged sailing ship  

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1    big, elevated, giant, high, lanky, lofty, soaring, towering  
2      (informal)   absurd, cock-and-bull     (informal)   embellished, exaggerated, far-fetched, implausible, incredible, overblown, preposterous, steep     (Brit. informal)   unbelievable  
3      (informal)   demanding, difficult, exorbitant, hard, unreasonable, well-nigh impossible  
1    fubsy     (archaic or dialect)   short, small, squat, stumpy, tiny, wee  
2    accurate, believable, easy, plausible, realistic, reasonable, true, unexaggerated  

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