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      vb   , -lies, -lying, -lied  
1    intr   to correspond one with the other  
the two stories don't tally     
2    tr   to supply with an identifying tag  
3    intr   to keep score  
4    tr  
Obsolete   to record or mark  
      n   pl   , -lies  
5    any record of debit, credit, the score in a game, etc.  
6    a ticket, label, or mark, used as a means of identification, classification, etc.  
7    a counterpart or duplicate of something, such as the counterfoil of a cheque  
8    a stick used (esp. formerly) as a record of the amount of a debt according to the notches cut in it  
9    a notch or mark cut in or made on such a stick  
10    a mark or number of marks used to represent a certain number in counting  
11      (Austral. and N.Z.)   the total number of sheep shorn by one shearer in a specified period of time  
     (C15: from Medieval Latin talea, from Latin: a stick; related to Latin talus heel)  
  tallier      n  

tally clerk  
      n   a person, esp. on a wharf or dock or in an airport, who checks the count of goods being loaded or unloaded  
1    the cry of a participant at a hunt to encourage the hounds when the quarry is sighted  
      n   pl   , -hos  
2    an instance of crying tally-ho  
3       another name for a       four-in-hand       1  
      vb   , -hos, -hoing, -hoed, -ho'd  
4    intr   to make the cry of tally-ho  
     (C18: perhaps from French taïaut cry used in hunting)  
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1    accord, agree, coincide, concur, conform, correspond, fit, harmonize, jibe     (informal)   match, parallel, square, suit  
2    compute, count up, keep score, mark, reckon, record, register, total  
3    count, mark, reckoning, record, running total, score, total  
4    counterfoil, counterpart, duplicate, match, mate, stub  
1    clash, conflict, contradict, differ, disagree  

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