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      n      another name for       gong       1  
     (from Hindi: see tom-tom)  
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1      (Also called)    tam-tam          a percussion instrument of indefinite pitch, consisting of a metal platelike disc struck with a soft-headed drumstick  
2    a rimmed metal disc, hollow metal hemisphere, or metal strip, tube, or wire that produces a note when struck. It may be used to give alarm signals when operated electromagnetically  
3    a fixed saucer-shaped bell, as on an alarm clock, struck by a mechanically operated hammer  
4      (Brit)  
slang   a medal, esp. a military one  
5    intr   to sound a gong  
6    tr   (of traffic police) to summon (a driver) to stop by sounding a gong  
     (C17: from Malay, of imitative origin)  
  gonglike      adj  

Diccionario de inglés definición  

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