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1    the brown colour produced by the skin after intensive exposure to ultraviolet rays, esp. those of the sun  
2    a light or moderate yellowish-brown colour  
3       short for       tanbark  
      vb   , tans, tanning, tanned  
4    to go brown or cause to go brown after exposure to ultraviolet rays  
she tans easily     
5    to convert (a skin or hide) into leather by treating it with a tanning agent, such as vegetable tannins, chromium salts, fish oils, or formaldehyde  
6    tr  
Slang   to beat or flog  
      adj   , tanner, tannest  
7    of the colour tan  
tan gloves     
8    used in or relating to tanning  
     (Old English tannian (unattested as infinitive, attested as getanned, past participle), from Medieval Latin tannare, from tannum tanbark, perhaps of Celtic origin; compare Irish tana thin)  
  tannable      adj  
  tannish      adj  
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