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      n   pl   , -tries  
1    a heavy ornamental fabric, often in the form of a picture, used for wall hangings, furnishings, etc., and made by weaving coloured threads into a fixed warp  
2       another word for       needlepoint  
3    a colourful and complicated situation  
the rich tapestry of London life     
     (C15: from Old French tapisserie carpeting, from Old French tapiz carpet; see tapis)  
  tapestried      adj  
  tapestry-like      adj  

Bayeux tapestry  
      n   an 11th- or 12th-century tapestry in Bayeux, nearly 70.5 m (231 ft.) long by 50 cm (20 inches) high, depicting the Norman conquest of England  
tapestry moth  
      n   one of the larger tineid moths, Trichophaga tapetzella, the larvae of which devour animal fibres. It is brown, with white-tipped forewings, and prefers damp environments  
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