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1    a valve by which a fluid flow from a pipe can be controlled by opening and closing an orifice,   (U.S. name)    faucet  
2    a stopper to plug a cask or barrel and enable the contents to be drawn out in a controlled flow  
3    a particular quality of alcoholic drink, esp. when contained in casks  
an excellent tap     
4      (Brit)      short for       taproom  
5    the surgical withdrawal of fluid from a bodily cavity  
a spinal tap     
6      (Also called)    screw tap   a tool for cutting female screw threads, consisting of a threaded steel cylinder with longitudinal grooves forming cutting edges  
   Compare       die   2       2  
7      (Electronics)     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   a connection made at some point between the end terminals of an inductor, resistor, or some other component,   (Usual Brit. name)    tapping  
8      (Stock Exchange)  
a    an issue of a government security released slowly onto the market when its market price reaches a predetermined level  
b    (as modifier)  
tap stock, tap issue     
9    a concealed listening or recording device connected to a telephone or telegraph wire for the purpose of obtaining information secretly  
10    on tap  
a    Informal   ready for immediate use  
b    (of drinks) on draught  
      vb   , taps, tapping, tapped   tr  
11    to furnish with a tap  
12    to draw off with or as if with a tap  
13    to cut into (a tree) and draw off sap from it  
14      (Brit)  
informal   to ask or beg (someone) for money  
he tapped me for a fiver     
a    to connect a tap to (a telephone or telegraph wire)  
b    to listen in secret to (a telephone message, etc.) by means of a tap  
16    to make a connection to (a pipe, drain, etc.)  
17    to cut a female screw thread in (an object or material) by use of a tap  
18    to withdraw (fluid) from (a bodily cavity)  
19    Informal   (of a sports team or an employer) to make an illicit attempt to recruit (a player or employee bound by an existing contract)  
     (Old English tæppa; related to Old Norse tappi tap, Old High German zapfo)  
  tappable      adj  
   tapper             n  
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