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      n   functioning as sing  
1      (Chiefly U.S.)  
a    (in army camps, etc.) a signal given on a bugle, drum, etc., indicating that lights are to be put out  
b    any similar signal, as at a military funeral  
2    (in the Guide movement) a closing song sung at an evening camp fire or at the end of a meeting  
     (C19: from tap1)  
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tap          [1]  
      vb   , taps, tapping, tapped  
1    to strike (something) lightly and usually repeatedly  
to tap the table, to tap on the table     
2    tr   to produce by striking in this way  
to tap a rhythm     
3    tr   to strike lightly with (something)  
to tap one's finger on the desk     
4    intr   to walk with a tapping sound  
she tapped across the floor     
5    tr   to attach metal or leather reinforcing pieces to (the toe or heel of a shoe)  
6    a light blow or knock, or the sound made by it  
7    the metal piece attached to the toe or heel of a shoe used for tap-dancing  
8       short for       tap-dancing  
9      (Phonetics)   the contact made between the tip of the tongue and the alveolar ridge as the tongue is flicked upwards in the execution of a flap or vibrates rapidly in the execution of a trill or roll,   (See also)        taps  
     (C13 tappen, probably from Old French taper, of Germanic origin; related to Middle Low German tappen to pluck, Swedish dialect täpa to tap)  
  tappable      adj  

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      vb   beat, drum, knock, pat, rap, strike, touch  
      n   beat, knock, light blow, pat, rap, touch  

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a leaky tap that tends to spray water over ones trousers whenever used.
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