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a    a tax levied by a government on imports or occasionally exports for purposes of protection, support of the balance of payments, or the raising of revenue  
b    a system or list of such taxes  
2    any schedule of prices, fees, fares, etc.  
3      (Chiefly Brit)  
a    a method of charging for the supply of services, esp. public services, such as gas and electricity  
block tariff     
b    a schedule of such charges  
4      (Chiefly Brit)   a bill of fare with prices listed; menu  
      vb   tr  
5    to set a tariff on  
6    to set a price on according to a schedule of tariffs  
     (C16: from Italian tariffa, from Arabic ta`rifa to inform)  
  tariffless      adj  

protective tariff  
      n   a tariff levied on imports to protect the domestic economy rather than to raise revenue  
revenue tariff  
      n   a tariff for the purpose of producing public revenue  
   Compare       protective tariff  
tariff office  
      n     (Insurance)   a company whose premiums are based on a tariff agreed with other insurance companies  
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1    assessment, duty, excise, impost, levy, rate, tax, toll  
2    bill of fare, charges, menu, price list, schedule  

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