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      n   pl   , taxis, taxies  
1      (Also called)    cab, taxicab   a car, usually fitted with a taximeter, that may be hired, along with its driver, to carry passengers to any specified destination  
      vb   , taxies, taxiing, taxying, taxied  
2    to cause (an aircraft) to move along the ground under its own power, esp. before takeoff and after landing, or (of an aircraft) to move along the ground in this way  
3    intr   to travel in a taxi  
     (C20: shortened from taximeter cab)  

taxi dancing  
      n   a system, as in a dance hall or hotel, whereby a person pays to get a partner (taxi dancer) for a dance, payment being required for each individual dance during an evening  
taxi rank  
      n   a place where taxis wait to be hired  
taxi truck  
      n     (Austral)   a truck with a driver that can be hired  
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