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tea ball


      n     (Chiefly U.S)   a perforated metal ball filled with tea leaves and put in boiling water to make tea  
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ball          [1]  
1    a spherical or nearly spherical body or mass  
a ball of wool     
2    a round or roundish body, either solid or hollow, of a size and composition suitable for any of various games, such as football, golf, billiards, etc  
3    a ball propelled in a particular way in a sport  
a high ball     
4    any of various rudimentary games with a ball  
to play ball     
5      (Cricket)   a single delivery of the ball by the bowler to the batsman  
6      (Baseball)   a single delivery of the ball by a pitcher outside certain limits and not swung at by the batter  
a    a solid nonexplosive projectile for a firearm  
   Compare       shell       6  
b    such projectiles collectively  
8    any more or less rounded part or protuberance  
the ball of the foot     
9    Taboo slang   a testicle  
   See       balls  
10      (Vet. science)      another word for       bolus  
11      (Horticulture)   the hard mass of roots and earth removed with the rest of the plant during transplanting  
12    ball of muscle     (Austral)   a very strong, fit, or forceful person  
13    have the ball at one's feet   to have the chance of doing something  
14    keep the ball rolling   to maintain the progress of a project, plan, etc  
15    on the ball  
Informal   alert; informed  
16    play ball  
Informal   to cooperate  
17    set or start the ball rolling   to open or initiate (an action, discussion, movement, etc.)  
18    the ball is in your court   you are obliged to make the next move  
19    tr   to make, form, wind, etc., into a ball or balls  
to ball wool     
20    intr   to gather into a ball or balls  
21    Taboo slang     (chiefly U.S.)   to copulate (with)  
     (C13: from Old Norse böllr; related to Old High German balla, Italian palla French balle)  

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1    drop, globe, globule, orb, pellet, sphere, spheroid  
2    ammunition, bullet, grapeshot, pellet, shot, slug  

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have a great time; enjoy oneself
to begin something, to get a process started
If I could just get the ball rolling, then other people would help. Now that we're acquainted, let's get the ball rolling!
means a liquid is not clear: this tea's got bits in it, I don't like yogurt with bits in it
assez proche de l'idée de 'il y a à boire et à manger'
testicles ; genitalia ; gonads ; nuts ; privates ; pudenda ; stones ; testes ; private parts ; family jewels ; bollocks ; balls ; cullions ; rocks ; boys ; cherries ; coin purse ; cojones ; deez ; gear ; giggleberries ; grapes ; knackers ; nuggets ; plums ; sack
[Slang];[UK] Ex.: Get the fuck out of here before I rip your goolies off, you bastard!
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